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A loyalty program is a structured marketing strategy that we create and tailor according to each merchant's need, to encourage customers to shop in a recurring manner.

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Reward Program

Rewards Programs

A Loyalty Program allows a merchant to offer their customers discounts or points redeemable against merchandise or services. Each program is targeted to each merchant's individual needs. We can customize a program with a physical card, one with just a phone number as a card, or one with both options.

Discount Rewards
5%, 10% or 15% of each purchase is loaded on the customer's account and this amount can be discounted from their total purchase on their next visit.

Increasing Discounts
The first time a customer uses their loyalty card they receive a 5% discount on their second visit, if they come back within 30 days they can receive a 10% discount and the customer can continue to receive an increased discount per visit (i.e. 15% on their third visit and 20% on the fourth visit).

Earning Points
For every dollar the customer spends they earn 1 point, which converts into a reward dollar amount. Usually this dollar amount is 10% for every 100 points earned.

Tiered Rewards
10 points = 1 coffee
15 points = 1 coffee and 1 bagel
Ncubo's platform provides our merchants with a tool to manage the program.


Gift Cards

A gift card is a prepaid stored-value card to be used as part of a promotional strategy or simply also used as a gift given in place of an object or service.

Physical Gift Cards
We can create and implement a gift card program according to your needs; from a simple gift card, a promotional card, a B2B exchange or even make it a gift card that converts into a Rewards card.
Ncubo has the capacity to provide you with the management tools like loading, balance checking, reporting, etc.
We can also help you design your cards.

E-Gift Card
If you are an e-commerce merchant or a retail merchant and you do not need a physical gift card, we can create a virtual card for your business.
The gift card can be purchased on your website and sent via email to the final recipient. At this point the recipient can redeem it on your website or in person using their mobile device to redeem.

In addition you can incentivize the purchase of an e-gift card by providing a:
-Discount: Send a $10 gift card and only pay $8.50.
-Adding Value: Buy a $10 gift card and the recipient will receive $15.
-Bonus Card: Receive 10% of your e-gift card purchase for your personal use.

Mobile Gift Card Wallet
Let's face it, shopping using your smart phone is the future. Help your customers manage their cards or purchase new ones by using their smart phones.

Through a mobile device your customer has access to different features:
-Purchase gift cards
-Load physical cards
-Reload cards
-Manage multiple cards
-Transfer balances between cards
-Text notifications
-Transaction reporting
-Send an e-gift to anyone

E-Birthday Club

E-birthday Club

It is nice when your birthday is remembered. Give your clients a reason to keep coming back to your business by wishing them a happy birthday via your loyalty program. A birthday program will help you win the loyalty and attention of your customers-but only if you use it!

Ncubo sends a happy birthday email to your customer and you can decide the type of gift you want to include. You can send a discount or a reward and setup the redeeming rules.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Add more value to your loyalty program through our email marketing campaigns.

Miss You Campaign
You can track how often your customer visits you and for the ones that haven't visited you within certain amount of time, you can load a "miss you" reward to their account as an incentive to have them return.

You Got Money Campaign
Sometimes customers forget they have accumulated rewards; our platform can track unused rewards and send reminders encouraging your customers return.

Birthday Campaign
You can create a birthday campaign by giving your customer a reward that can only be redeemed within the birthday month.

Customized campaigns
You can reward your customers by loading a specific amount to their account thanking them for specific reasons like being a "high spender" or a "frequenter".

Reward Programs

Text messaging rewards Programs

SMS Rewards
Just enter your customer's cellphone number to send them a link and ask them to sign up to your loyalty program. Once they have been registered you can start using this tool to communicate the type of campaign(s) that best suits your needs, either a Miss You Campaign, You Got Money, Birthday Campaign; or even broadcast a personalized message.

Mobile App

Custom Mobile Apps

Create a custom mobile app for your business with features like:
-Restaurant Menu
-Online Ordering
-Mobile Payments
-E-Gift Cards
-Push Notifications

Push Notifications
Push notifications are instant messages sent to customers with your business app. Any small business benefits from the ability to share instant updates and make consistent client contact.

Geo-Fencing is a feature that allows you to set boundaries around your business within a certain mile radius, they receive a Push Notification.

List Builder program


What is it?
Create an event in which your customer can compete and choose when to announce the winner.

Social Media
Every time your customer refers a friend, you will receive 5 additional entries.

Email Notification
Our platform will randomly choose a winner and send an automated email notification to congratulate them and another one to non winners offering a coupon or promotional code to purchase an e-gift card at a discount.

Data Base
When the campaign is finished you can export the information into an excel spread sheet, then import it into your email data base. If you are already an Ncubo client this will automatically be uploaded into your data base.

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